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Our Founder

Our Founder

About the Founder & President -  Aisha L. Knox is the founder and president of ALK Mindfulness. For years Aisha has provides inner city youth and families with the necessary tools and resources to better their lives though organized SEL groups, and mindfulness activities and practices. Working in schools in the greater New Haven she has experienced first-hand the power of practicing mindfulness. She is dedicated to helping children and adults reconnect with their innate healing ability, wisdom and vitality. Aisha has a passion for community service - she has participated and organized numerous outreach operations, for multiple New Haven area churches, providing food and clothing support for battered woman, young adult, and the homeless.

The ALK Mindfulness Initiative (TALKMI)


The ALK Mindfulness Initiative (TALKMI)


     “With COVID-19 and distance learning, I had to start to research what can we do to change how children receive education. Mindfulness was one of the things that stuck with me. By leading with love and compassion, we can actually tap into a new way of connecting with our children and showing them how to communicate with us and others. Social and emotional learning is a great opportunity to teach mindfulness, share what we know about being mindful, be present in a moment and understand our surroundings.”


Mrs. Aisha L. Knox


     Aisha Knox has been working with children most of her adult life. She has a background in early childhood development, and has worked in a professional capacity at both private and commercial child care facilities as a child care provider, teacher, and administrative director. She is a graduate of Brandford Hall’s paralegal program and has worked in the Clerk’s Office at New Haven Superior Courts. Aisha is also a Certified Workplace Mindfulness Facilitator (CWMF) as well as a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Leader (MBSR) certified by Mindful Leader at the University of Massachusetts. Aisha has worked with New Haven Public schools, in partnership with Clifford Beers Community Care Center’s Farnam Neighborhood House on several projects, such as: Summer Mindfulness Retreats, The Saturday Success Academy, Family Fun Days, The NHPS Fun Clubs, and Camp Farnam.